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Dragon Boat Festival holiday notice

2019/6/6 18:12:57人浏览

Dear old and new friends, all departments of the company:

Thank you for your continued support and trust. We sincerely thank you and your wishes!

???? According to the provisions of the national statutory holidays, and in conjunction with the actual situation of the company, arrangements are now made for the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, as follows:

The holiday time is:

From June 7 (Friday) to June 9 (Sunday), the holiday will be held for three days and on June 10 (Monday).

The responsible persons of all departments are required to do the pre-holiday work arrangements of the department, check the relevant facilities and equipment, do a good job in fire prevention and theft prevention, and ensure the safety and order of the office.

All employees pay attention to personal and property safety and traffic safety during the holidays and have a pleasant holiday.

During the holiday period, if you have business consultation with new and old customers, please go directly to the mobile phone sales department responsible person mobile phone, for your inconvenience, please forgive me!

I wish all staff, old and new friends, the Dragon Boat Festival Ankang!

Hereby notice

Gementai Company Administration Department

June 6, 2019