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2019 Spring Festival holiday notice

2019/1/5 15:01:09人浏览

Dear new and old customers and all staff:
Another year is coming! Farewell to 2018, we are welcoming 2019 with hope, opportunity and challenge!
Here, thank you for your support and trust in the company in the past year.
At the same time, I hope that in the new year, Gementai people can continue to receive everyone's attention and support, and Gementai Company will continue to provide better service for everyone!
At the arrival of the traditional Chinese festival "Spring Festival", we would like to pay tribute to all new and old customers and friends! I wish you all a happy New Year! Grow the source! The cause is booming!
In order to let the employees of the company have a happy and peaceful Spring Festival, Gementai Company will advance and extend the Spring Festival holiday. The company will inform the Spring Festival holiday time as follows: January 29, 2019 (Lunar Thursday, Lunar 24) - February 2019 On the 13th (the first day of the first month of the lunar calendar) (a total of 16 days), February 14 (the first ten days of the first lunar month) officially went to work.
Please be forgiven for the inconvenience caused by the holiday!
Thank you again for your attention and support to Gementai Company!
I sincerely hope that everyone will have a happy, peaceful and festive Spring Festival!
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