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The company change notification

2018/9/12 11:42:27人浏览

Dear customers and all related departments:

? ? ? ? Thanks to all the support of our customers at home and abroad, due to business development needs, The headquarters of our company has been relocated to the new office address in Sep 1, 2018. The company address is changed as follows: Vanke TianyuⅡ A 10 Building, 1713, Longcheng Street, Longgang district, Shenzhen City(Jixiang MTR Station Exit C). The aboved updated information starts to be effective since Sep 11, 2018. All the customers and related departments, please contact us in our headquarter office address and the service hotline number is 4008002845. Sorry for the inconveniences caused! The update will be a new start. We are dedicated to providing more valuable products and service to all esteemed customers, and thank you for your continuous support and attention again, thank you!

Best regards!

Driving directions: Vanke Tianyu Phase 2

Near the bus routes: 1.Jixiang MTR Station; 2.Vanke square Station; 3. Longxingliantai Station.