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The first corporate carbon report in the non-ferrous metals industry in China was released

2017/6/14 13:25:48人浏览

The company's total energy consumption fell 4.76% year on year, according to a 2016 report released by chinalco on Tuesday.

According to the report, the company's total energy consumption for 2016 was 19.3 million metric tons, down 4.76 percent year on year. Carbon dioxide emissions fell by 8.47% year on year; Nitrogen oxide emissions fell 15.63 per cent year on year. The energy consumption of the present value of 10,000 yuan was down 0.76 percent from a year ago. The company has exceeded the million tons of coal for the third year in 2013-2015, completing the fourth term review of sasac and the 12th five-year plan.

Chinalco chairman GeGongLin said, should start from their own, promote the development of new concept, will deal with the global climate change initiatives fall to the ground in the industry, in the enterprise.

The chinalco joint China energy conservation and environmental protection, cosco shipping, geely automobile supply chain partnership enterprises and other social organizations jointly launched the joint carbon reduction initiative. According to introducing, chinalco joint carbon reduction action plan through 4 years efforts, in 2020 to achieve overall improve the level of energy conservation and emissions reduction and carbon reduction work, ensure the company's carbon dioxide emissions industry leading level, realize effective control of the company's overall carbon emissions, realize the scientific management of carbon assets.