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China plans to buy the mining rights of myanmar's copper and lead mines for 49 million

2017/6/14 13:25:02人浏览

China polymetallic announced Tuesday evening, on June 13, 2017, the company affiliated huaxing universal and ruili nardi co., LTD., the agreement, therefore, affiliated huaxing universal conditional agreed to buy copper lead ore mining, myanmar for total price is 49 million yuan.

Announcement shows that the mining right is on December 24, 2014 to December 23, 2019 year period in the town of myanmar mandalay province her honey haired color waveguide mount mountain red soil pit no. 2 mining area covers an area of about 49.59 acres of copper lead ore field of mineral exploration and development. The stocks of copper lead in Burma's mines were classified as 331, 332 and 333, with an estimated resources of 128.45 million tons.

The announcement said the acquisition reflects the company's strategy of investing in nonferrous metals. The company believes that myanmar is one of the most important emerging investment markets outside China. The acquisition is consistent with the group's business strategy, allowing the group to further increase its existing lead and copper reserves and resources.