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Copper cable helps green and efficient development of electric power industry

2017/6/13 14:05:43人浏览

In December 2016, the national development and reform commission and national energy administration officially issued by the electric power development "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning", and will be green and efficient set as "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" electric power development the main tone, put forward to improve the efficiency of power system, adhere to the ecological priority, energy conservation and emission reduction, green development, building low-carbon clean, safe and efficient system of modern electric power industry.

To achieve green and efficient development of electric power industry, need to begin from many aspects, such as power generation, transportation, distribution, strengthen overall coordination, optimizes the allocation of power resources, promote the safe and reliable, economic, efficient and environmentally friendly power grid construction. Electric power cables are an important part of the power industry, and they are no exception. Conforms to the future direction of electric power development of wire and cable should be able to not only improve the efficiency of electricity transmission, should also conform to the requirements of the energy conservation and environmental protection, to boost the sustainable development of power industry.

In many cable types, copper cable is the most suitable cable material in our country. Copper cables have good technical advantages in delivering efficiency and reliability. Copper cables are highly conductive and carry high traffic, which can efficiently carry out the transmission of higher power current. At the same time, the copper cable has good mechanical properties, is recognized as the industry's performance the most optimal electric conductor material, can effectively alleviate the voltage drop, reduce the line loss, improve the reliability of power supply system, provide powerful guarantee for power efficient delivery.

In addition, copper itself has excellent environmental protection performance. According to China's standardization institute published the whole life cycle of copper aluminum cable environmental assessment report showed that copper cable in the use of stage of environmental impact is far less than other cable's impact on the environment. From the perspective of sustainable development, copper can be 100% recycled, copper cable is not only products, is also a resource, power cable industry, renewable copper use ratio is about 50%. What's more, the effects of recycled copper on the environment are relatively low compared to native copper. Along with the increasing importance of ecological environment, copper cable is the main force of green environmental protection cable.

With the rapid development of power industry and the adjustment of the national energy strategy, the green, efficient, as the main tone of electric power development is increasingly, and the resulting series of shift of the power industry also puts forward the challenge. With unparalleled technological advantages and environmental performance, the copper cable will play an important role in the sustainable development of the electric power industry in the future.