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There is a new approach to the import of copper from the north

2017/6/13 14:04:58人浏览

On June 8, 8 o 'clock in the morning, as a ship's zhejiang roc ship loaded with Canon can dock company import copper concentrate on time in huludao port for huludao nonferrous metals group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "huludao nonferrous") set up the no. 2 berths, huludao nonferrous ushered in a historic moment, marks the company imported ore transport the golden waterway of the official opening. It is the company a major strategic shift, from huludao port to huludao nonferrous metal production factory is only 6 km, after waiting for eastern gate opening can be reduced to 5 km. Efficient to the company to meet the demand of production, reduce operating costs, improve the economic benefit and enhance enterprise competitiveness has important and far-reaching significance, further highlight the geographical advantage of the company.

After tasting imported ore from qinhuangdao port to jinzhou port, huludao has been more active in promoting the transfer of mine from jinzhou port to the port of huludao. As early as the Spring Festival eve, huludao nonferrous shareholders, macro yue group chairman yu hong and huludao nonferrous leaders at all levels from the company's current production and future long-term development, efforts to promote and actively import of ore to huludao port coordination. This work obtained the huludao city, shenyang customs, customs huludao, huludao city commodity inspection bureau, the huludao city maritime safety administration, as well as the full support and help, huludao company smoothly and efficiently complete the formalities for examination and approval, obtain the necessary qualifications. Huludao nonferrous company and business shipments, earnestly implement the company about "company imported ore is transferred to the huludao port" work deployment, completed the cargo into the various links of docking port and a complete set of the establishment of the working process, especially the company made the customs senior certification, the company enjoys a lower in huludao port import and export goods inspection rate and transact the import and export goods customs clearance formalities convenient customs clearance, greatly improving the efficiency of customs clearance, into the factory for imported ore quickly and efficiently. Through the port of transfer, the freight of the company can be lowered by 50 yuan per ton, and as the company's production momentum becomes stronger, the production capacity increases, and the cumulative benefit is even more significant.

Huludao nonferrous company deputy general manager of c.c. salesman, minister for business shipments Han Hui leadership rate after the first cargo ship company foreign trade port, taxes according to the procedures for customs declaration, quarantine inspection, copper unloading work, liu yh huludao port group vice President and other leaders and staff actively help the company coordinate to deal with. Cargo ships, said liu yh huludao nonferrous foreign trade port, we like to their enterprises to provide services, huludao nonferrous to support enterprise development, between enterprise and ports are relying on each other, promote each other, mutual promotion, in huludao nonferrous leads, the huludao city involving the customs issues the enterprise will also turn trade and services related to huludao port, the port enterprises to do big economy, will strongly promote the huludao city economic development.

The ship loaded with Canon can company of import copper concentrate upon completion of inspection, port, customs, tax, customs clearance, clearance after the process, is expected to recently shipped to huludao nonferrous factory.