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One Belt And One Road accelerated the development and cooperation of mineral resources

2017/6/1 14:05:50人浏览

May 29 ~ 31, 2017 as the silk road international exposition series of theme activities, one of the geophysical society of China, the northwest nonferrous geological mining group co., LTD., jointly organized the "silk road" geophysical international BBS held in the ancient city of xi 'an. Member of Chinese academy of sciences Chen Yong, teng shay given, deng, the Chinese academy of engineering soup neutrality, pei-cheng li to attend the BBS and special reports.

This BBS invited including members, Russia, Pakistan, Laos and other countries along the silk road 32 nearly more than 200 experts and scholars at home and abroad, the personage inside course of study, around the exploration of mineral resources and the environment related technical service and application geophysics, carried on the thorough warm academic exchange and discussion. BBS to share the international frontier research results of geophysical disciplines, emphasized the geophysical science of "area" strategy and the basis of economic development services.

Sun feng, chairman of the northwest non-ferrous minerals group, said in a welcome speech that the first "silk road" geophysical international BBS, which is located in xi 'an, is of far-reaching significance. Xi 'an is the starting point of the ancient silk road, since all the way "area" strategic concept put forward, xi 'an, once again standing in the economic belt "silk road" of the new starting point, agreed with the Chinese geophysical society positive response is highly advocated "area" strategy, promote the discipline overlapping, active innovation thought, promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and the spirit of multilateral cooperation.

Deputy director of land and resources of shaanxi province LeiMingXiong said at the opening ceremony, "One Belt And One Road" construction is a great practice, need great scientific theory as the support, the development of a scientific theory is not closed struggle, but need a peaceful cooperation, open inclusive, each other mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win results, which is the core of the silk road spirit connotation, this BBS is held in the first place. The Chinese geophysical society choice and northwest nonferrous geological mining group, jointly organized the "silk road" geophysical international BBS, in shaanxi province is the geological exploration units of the trust and recognition. Previously, the northwest nonferrous geological mining group passed the strict inspection, became the first, is also a member of shaanxi province first geophysical experts station site units, fully shows the strength of scientific research innovation of geological exploration unit in Shanxi Province.

Standing vice-chairman of shaanxi provincial association for science and technology of party secretary, called yan said, mineral resources development and cooperation is the important content of "area" construction, including geology, measuring, mineral, environmental and ecological problems of science and technology, are important research field of earth science. Shaanxi has strong scientific and technological advantages in earth science.

How to make better use of land and resources of deep space, realize from the shallow to the deep geological investigation, how to strengthen the deep mineral exploration in the cooperation of countries along the silk road and the geology and mineral resources information sharing, become the experts and scholars research important topic.

Member of Chinese academy of sciences Chen Yong is put forward on the BBS, countries should build as soon as possible with limited water motion excitation source of air gun source (land) seismic wave emission network, formed in the national "heaven has the big dipper, the ground a beacon" the detection of new pattern, for China's deep detection even study leading development provides a solid foundation.

This BBS is "area all the way to the country" strategy and xi general positive response "to deep into the earth" call to arms, is to "peaceful cooperation, open inclusive, learn each other mutual learning, mutual benefit and win-win" as the core of the spirit of the silk road. At the same time, we have laid a good foundation for the development of mineral resources and technical cooperation in the countries along the silk road.