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China's copper consumption will be growing at a moderate speed

2017/6/1 14:04:57人浏览

Jiangxi copper group company deputy general manager wu) can have on the BBS "the 14th Shanghai derivatives market special" cooper said that after years of development, China's copper industry is experiencing the copper smelting from extensive to intensive, copper processing from the pursuit of size to the pursuit of quality, copper imports from refined copper as the main raw materials, copper consumption quantity from rapid growth to medium growth change, under the "area" strategic opportunity, China's copper industry should further deepen the reform of the supply side structural, upgrading industry layout.

Organized by jiangxi copper industry group company, jinrui futures co., LTD., to undertake the 14th Shanghai derivatives market BBS, cooper from nonferrous industry experts, nonferrous enterprises on behalf of a total of more than 300 people attend the meeting.

China will have a medium-speed increase in copper

Wu said that China's high speed of copper growth has passed, and that it will be in the middle of the long term.

According to the data, China's copper consumption grew by an average of 13 per cent between 2001 and 2009, compared with an average of 9 per cent between 2009 and 2014, and between 2015 and 2016 it has slowed to 3 to 5 per cent.

He believes that the future 2 ~ 3 years, global hedge China consumption power may come from the United States to restart infrastructure, "area" the investment activities of related countries. In the longer cycle, emerging economies such as India and south-east Asia will be the next engine of growth.

And from the point of consumption, although some applications is suffering a substitute traditional areas, copper applications are actively exploring new areas, such as in mariculture, seawater desalination, new energy vehicles, charging pile, solar collector, air source heat pump, and other fields of copper demand is growing. Data according to the international copper association, mariculture cages market potential of copper is 460000 tons, "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" during solar heat utilization would boost demand for up to 70000 tons; The air source heat pump will achieve an average of 50,000 tons per year by 2020. In addition, under the impetus of the national policy, predicts 2020, pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid cars cumulative volume will be more than 5 million vehicles, new energy vehicles will drive the 400000 tons of copper consumption; The construction of charging stations will drive copper consumption at least 80,000 tonnes.

The "One Belt And One Road" strategy has brought about the development opportunities of the copper industry

Wu) can be said that "One Belt And One Road" countries current copper demand is small, but relatively rich mineral resources, China's raw materials high external dependency, demand is big, can be complementary resources. "Area" all the way along the copper mining development lagging behind most of the countries, but China in copper mining, dressing and smelting technology and equipment has reached the world advanced level, can be complementary technology. "Area" strategy for the copper industry are of great space and opportunities for development, help to improve China's resource security degree, at the same time of nonferrous enterprises in the construction of "area" is also promising.

"Our country has a shortage of copper resources and more than 70 percent of its external dependency. The copper companies should actively 'go out' and lay out the resources for overseas advantage in advance." Can wu), said China's current obtained outside resources is still mainly in South America and Africa region, and "neighbourhood" all the way along the resources development potential is tremendous, kazakhstan, Russia, Indonesia and other countries of copper resources is rich, reserves rank in the whole world, copper company should actively "go out", the future resource layout more often in central and eastern Europe, central Asia and southeast Asia and other "neighbourhood" all the way along the inclined to layout. At the same time, we need to promote the "go out" of the advantage capacity, and, in the principle of proximity to resources and consumption, we will be able to improve the smelting and processing capacity of overseas early.

We will deepen supply-side structural reform to optimize industrial distribution

In addition to "go out" actively, active layout in overseas markets, wu) can point out that still exist at present in China copper industry industrial concentration is low, copper resources, smelting capacity, processing ability distribution asymmetry problems, should also improve concentration, rein capacity sprawl, further optimization of industrial layout.

Data show that China's copper resources are widely distributed in the identified properties in addition to all provinces and cities have different degree distribution outside of tianjin, and refined copper producer concentrated in the east China region, the main consumption of copper in east China and south China.

Wu believes that the optimal layout should be the smelting near the source, near the port, and improving the efficiency. Manufacturing capacity is closer to consumption and efficiency. In Japan, for example, smelter all distributed in coastal area, convenient transportation, but China is about 70% of smelting capacity in inland areas, transport costs is high, the metal loss is big, need to accumulate inventory to ensure production, copper mine resources and smelting capacity distribution asymmetry, should further upgrading industry layout.

Supply-side structural reform is the key and key point of China's economic reform during the 13th five-year plan period. Wu can education stressed that copper industry should actively deepen the structural reform, eliminate backward production capacity, supply side, out of excess capacity, shut down capacity loss, strictly control new copper smelting and mid-range copper alignment pole and plate with projects; At the same time, we will strictly implement the national policies on environmental protection and energy consumption, increase the concentration of industries, and encourage leading enterprises to do better through merger and reorganization.